Busy Times

My main goal for this blog is to create clear content in the heath, wellness, and fitness world, with a dash of personal blog posts so my readers can get to know me a little better. And I think I’ve been doing a decent job at that (hopefully!). For my constant readers you might have picked up on that lately I’ve been doing a lot of work, reading, learning and growing into a new career direction of mine… becoming a Life Coach. It’s a field I’m crazy in love with (partnering up with lovely people and helping them find their passions & abilities to reach their ideal life with little to no hang-ups — that’s just the basics). And because of all this learning and coming close to the time to graduate and launch my business (around the start of January, but I’m sure Ill make an announcement on that because THAT site will also have a blog) my schedule has been pretty hectic, and to be able to graduate on time I have to cut back a little on my other work (no not fitness… this girl is still going strong — but there are updates with that and I’ll talk about that on Friday!!). With all that said I want to still create good content for this blog but with the current amount of days to make posts for I’ve slightly made myself feel pushed.

With that said, as of this week (excluding today) I’ll just be posting on Monday, Wednesday & Friday (unless theres a holiday then the post will probably be pushed to the following Tuesday).

It was a tough decision to make!


Instagram Gallery

1 | IT’S FALL EVERYONE! My running shoes need to get with the fall program and not be so summertime neon (at least that’s one excuse why I need a new pair)
2 | This might look like a 5 year old created this, but it’s a apart of a fun little self love journal I’ve been working on. One day I’ll be able to share more.
3 | Thor is always so in love with his Barkbox gifts. Especially the treats (as long as theres no healthy flavored snacks like banana… weirdo). Barkbox is sure amazing. If you want a (absolutely) FREE box this month 3 of my lucky followers can get one! Just fill out the details (it asks for your credit card but you can cancel before you commit to buying the monthly plan if you’re not in love with it. Easy peasy!). Just follow this link to score your free box of treats and toys for your pup!!
4 | I love these plants. Does anyone know what they’re called?
5 | Killed it! Leg day was destroyed… 2 Interval cardio sessions (I do half of it as stair machine on intervals, and then the other half is incline hiking on a treadmill to slight incline run), and a session of weight lifting (squats, weighted lunges, leg press)
6 | Just made a notebook cover more fun.

[more images & progress images can be found on my instagram @kirstencupcake]

Toss Those Bucket Lists!

Bucket List Items

[some of my 2013 bucket list items: drive to the desert, and go to disneyland for the first time with new friends]

Is there something in life you really want to do but haven’t or something that you used to do but stopped because you got busy? Do you keep putting off trying new things? Bucket lists are great, but they also promote not jumping in and doing it right away. Not long ago I noticed that I used the sentence “when I have ______, I can do this ______” too often. I used excuses (some were legit ones like large amounts of time & money… but mostly money) to put off these grand ideas. So my list kept growing and growing. Even for small things. The list started with things like:

1. Go on a road trip and take Route 66.  

And then because of the habit I formed with bucket listing, I started to add simpler things:

25. Find a local softball team to play on.

All kinds of goals, from “Expensive & Time Consuming” to “No Money Needed” started to appear. And you know how much fun I was having outside of my own normal schedule? None. I’m sure I could keep creating this bucket list forever (some things will still need to be apart of it until I can afford it), but I can’t imagine what it would look like when I think I finally have the time. Hundreds of miles long, I’m sure, and I’m guessing I’ll never really have the time, so I HAVE to just make it. Find the time, gather it like a rewards card, and just do it.

If you have a few hours a week to explore something new, then do it. If you always wanted to write a book, take painting lessons, join a new fitness class, try yoga, learn to cook or bake, explore a new town or city (even nearby), just go in and do it. Since seeing that I hold myself back and deciding to just go for things, I’ve noticed a shift in my outlook. I don’t mean to get so heavy, but here we go… You know that age old question “What’s the meaning of life?”, well(!) it’s pretty simple. Life is about being happy, achieving your reasonable desires (I say reasonable because it has to be attainable), trying new things, exploring your interests to the fullest and just living a peaceful and satisfied life. I am so grateful that I bit the bullet and finally got serious about fitness because it’s opened a whole new view on life for me. I’m sure it also has to do with being healthy and no longer running on a fogged “man-made food chemicals to the extreme” brain.

I can’t wait to report on all the new things I’ll be doing and trying. I know my life will expand so much. And I am damn excited about it all.

Let me know of some new things you will be trying soon, or have done! I would love to hear from you!

Is Mold Causing You To Eat More?

Mold in Beef

[don't worry! this calf is from an organic farm that only makes cheeses and honey!]

We all know that most farmed (meat & dairy) animals in the US get bulked up with hormone enriched food in order to produce either more milk at an unnatural pace or more meat on their bone (more bang for the buck), and we all know that by these animals ingesting these man-made chemicals we then end up ingesting the same chemicals when we eat them, but did you know that not only are you eating these medications that keep the animals alive enough to produce, you’re also eating a toxic mold called “Zearalenone”.

Ya. Gross.

Well, it gets even more gross. This isn’t a normal mold. I mean, heck, there are a lot of popular brands of coffee out there that have mold in their beans which you consume, and maybe you’re like me and just love blue cheese (which isn’t a toxic mold, but I’m just giving examples that we do bring this stuff into our systems). Zearalenone is a toxic mold that gets purified and fed to farm animals in their pellets. The point of using this mold is that it causes the animal to eat more and gain more (more meat to sell). The problem is since meat doesn’t go through a cleaning procedure after (how could it?) this mold then stays within the food product when we eat it. Therefore we’re absorbing the same mold that was placed in feed for animals to get fat, and while it’s probably broken down a bit more before it hits our stomaches, we still eat a weight gaining chemical.

[I'm all for meat... I love it (sorry veggies & vegans!), and I know how grass-fed animal byproducts can be damn right expensive (I can't always afford it), but I just want you all to be a little wiser when it comes to the knowledge of what you eat and what you eat has been eating]