Friday Finds

[I'm a collector of little bits... Little bits that can fit in one tiny bowl]


1HEARTThor plays the same way with me as this derpy basset hound and his bestie. That just tells me my dog thinks I’m his best friend (rightfully so!)… and that he’s a bit derby, too. Dogs and their hoomans.


A very sad truth about clean/dirty eats, income, and health. There must be a way to improve this. We all know that eating healthy fixes health & obesity issues, but we also make it impossible to do so. And obviously buying crap foods supports the medical & drug industry, but how did it all get out of hand?



 To start a fitness & health journey I believe you need to love yourself first, and maybe the start of loving yourself is going on a date… but not how you think! I do this quite often.


 I always think my dogs knows when I’m laughing at them because they just did something silly. I always wonder if they’re feelings get hurt with the look on their faces, but how can you not laugh?!


Do you have powers? I sure hope so!



I once dressed up as her for a costume party as a joke (someone messaged me on a dating site that I looked like her and how all his friends thought she looked like an alien, but he liked her… that someone turned out to be a friend who I met later through other friends and was at the party).  I’ve always liked T.Swift , but now I love her! This song is just so out of character for me, but I love it and could dance to it all the time.



[and just because....]



I love words. I may not have the worlds best knowledge of always having proper grammar (ack! I called myself out!), but I love words. Especially when they form sentences that move you (all found through pinterest!)




This blog title might not be what you think it has to do with. For starters if you thought it was directed to how you hold gym equipment like barbells and dumbbells, hold those tight. What this topic is really about is something else entirely.

I’ve been going through a lot of changes in life directions this year. Lots of new changes that I never saw coming or had planned — all, of course, are amazing. I’m a firm believer in goals, creating and achieving them. I need them, big or small. I think some people have a hard time with the concept of goals thinking they’re more of a work related “have to” or a to do list but that’s a topic for another time. Just remember you can call your motivations anything you want. Call them intentions or a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Whatever makes you feel rewarded and not weighted down.

The thing about goals is they can change and you can be prepared for it or you can hold tight to your original goal and ultimately not feel as fulfilled (thats if you see the detour signs to a new direction and decide to ignore them). We can’t always achieve goals and that’s ok because you know what? Life does something awesome when this happens. It replaces the old goal with a new very obtainable one. I firmly believe that things happen for a reason and that even means me creating a goal in order for life to be able to switch up my path and take me on one it knows was truly intended for me but would never have reached if I didn’t create that first goal. (I hope that makes sense!)
The thing I’ve learned lately is to never hold on to a goal so hard that you miss the signs that say “DETOUR” which then take you on a path to getting something better than your initial goal. It’s a hard thing to learn and it’s not always easy to let go of one goal that you wanted so bad (sometimes it bums me out for a day or so. Not going to fudge that truth!), but just know that right around the corner is something so freaking amazing you’re glad you allowed for a new route to exist.

And this doesn’t mean you gave up… No way and no how (unless you really did give up — don’t do that!)

So go in. Show up. Work hard. Release your grip. Be open. And follow the flow.


Not sure if I should call this of the week or of the month. Maybe just calling it what it is might be best. For all I know I could end up loving 10 new moves that I’m doing that week and would love to share with all of you so you can incorporate it into your workouts (at home and at the gym – depending on the equipment you have and what it calls for!).

I won’t go into getting photos or videos of me doing these moves for a few reasons: 1) I don’t have a photographer to shadow me at the gym, 2) My “new” full-time gym needs waivers & contracts signed when you bring in media makers, and 3) I don’t workout with anyone for them to even capture it with my iPhone… plus you know, there’s that fear of looking silly. But I do know who does show ( these moves perfectly, so I’ll showcase what the move is and then if you wish to do it find their easy how to video on their page instead. I find that most (not going to name names) popular fitness duos, women’s magazines, etc. have TERRIBLE form. Like you might as well strap weights on your neck because you’re just going to wreck it anyways with the horrible strain you’re putting on your spine.

So let’s get this started!

Out of all the years I’ve been a member of a gym I’ve only seen 2-3 women doing this move. Not sure if they think it’s for guys who want massive awesome traps or who knows, but its fairly simple and helps build upper body strength. The main focus is on your traps but it also strengthens your shoulders and upper back muscles. This move is called Barbell Shrugs. As the name suggests you shrug your shoulders with a barbell (with weights or just the weight of the bar) in your hands. Very VERY simple, and I absolutely love finishing with this workout. Pick your sets and your reps and try it out! To watch a how to video just follow this link!


How To Do Barbell Shrugs






iphone photo gallery

1 | If you haven’t caught on yet, I’ve been working on a few side projects and new life directions outside of my fitness world (my first passion will always be art), and this is one of the side projects. Little known fact about me is I LOVE working with clay or other sculpture making materials (wood, papier-mâché, random bits). I love Etsy. I love art & craft shows. I’m not a big fan of DIY things (i.e. turning old bottles into wind chimes or something). I like getting my hands dirty and creating. I love art. I also insanely love ceramics and one day would love to have a little house with a shed studio in the backyard.
2 | 6am leg rests. I had to get up early on Sunday morning  to get my workout in before we were blasted with nearly a 100F heat wave. My 5am fasted cardio hiking up a hill was already insanely hot. No sun and Thor and I were sweating buckets. Go away heatwave!
3 | Just some little duderinos. All unfinished bits of fun.
4 | Hot days are for pool parties.
5 | More unfinished loves. [This is the one post a week that I show more than my health, wellbeing, and fitness side... sometimes. So no judging all these crafty images]
6 | …And here we have the fitness post. Not much to say. Getting in my cardio for the day. Still hitting the stair machine and finding much better leg progress with this (at least back of legs fat loss – which is where fat likes to hide and hold on to on legs). It’s also my last week at this particular gym which means bye-bye air conditioned gym! (please go heat wave!!)

[more images & progress images can be found on my instagram @kirstencupcake]