Dogs in Costume

I hope everyone has a very safe and happy halloween tonight! I’ll be staying in this year looking after these stinky kids. I’m pretty sure we have some Hocus Pocus to watch (and maybe something scarier that we can all snuggle together and hide in a giant snuggle pile when the “scary” parts come on. At least they can’t judge me since one is afraid of trucks and the other is scared of cameras (take a guess as to who belongs to what — hint: look for the worried face and slight blur because we ran away right after this was shot).

If you need any fun and healthy treat ideas for you and your horror movie watching buddies check out some of these options!

heart  Lots of little goodies to choose from here, and pretty much what I’ll be eating all Halloween night!… Veggie trays, dips, pro-yo, and a yummy looking cauliflower recipe all found from Pinterest!

heart  Or maybe if you’re not into eating much of anything different tomorrow then instead look for a good snuggling up on the couch outfit!

heart  Having a hard time saying no to sweet and salty offerings? Try some of these appetite/tastebud curbing ideas!

heart  Add a bit of oomph to your sweet potatoes!

heart  If you’re enjoying the night with a couple of fur babies make sure you treat them on this exciting food holiday!

heart  Eat some lean turkey as your evening snack and jazz it up like a burger! (Lean meats are better choices over carbs close to your bedtime hours!)

heart  Protein bars like Quest bars are a great little Halloween treat. They’re a clean cheat. And did you know you can make them into cookies?

heart  And of course if you love protein waffles (or pancakes) like me you can just eat these bad boys!




Beyonce T Shirt


The perfect tee!… Well, I don’t know how perfect it actually is to wear, but it sure is perfect for the gym or even just your quote of the day. While you keep on moving forward and striving remember it’s ok to have moments where things don’t go as planned. The end desire is still there for you! (keep on keepin’ on! Or… keep on truckin’!)


Instagram Halloween

1 | LOOK AT THESE GUYS!!!! They make me gush.
2 | I’ve been making some great leg and butt muscle gains lately, although there might be some atrophy lately because I’ll be having to miss a week and a few days of lifting. The little gal that I’m babysitting isn’t feeling too great so I can’t be gone long during the day… and my gym visits usually take me 4 hours every day (my transportation right now only goes 13mph and to go to the gym takes me an hour to get there and an hour home — come on car gods!)
3 | Halloween is just around the corner, and while I like this Holiday, to me I really just think its the door way to the better Holidays. Christmas. (Uh, how bad is it that I’m nearly done my Christmas shopping and wrapping?)
5 | At least before my gym schedule got put on hold and while looking my recent prime (see photo 2), I had a bit of photoshoot for my Life Coaching site. I can’t wait for it to launch. This will be the websites of all the websites!
6 | She’s my little girl for 10 days! The cutest cuddle bug.
7 | ….Who likes to sit in my lap and eat my fingers.
8 | And also likes to protect my dog.
9 | I barely make mention of this side of me because I don’t think theres a point in mentioning it, but I love tarot cards and I just got a new one that’s all about a way for your spirit guides, inner beings, or angels (whatever you like to call that extra something) to send you messages. Just got my new deck yesterday and the first reading was insane.

[more images & progress images can be found on my instagram @kirstencupcake]


I’m currently babysitting a very cute pit bull for the next 10 days while her dad is out of town, so along with her and my little-big dude (Thor) they both get treat commands with either the word “Snack” (my dudes word) or “Candy” (her word). These words brought on some sadness for me when I realized they’ll have a more fun halloween than I will. No candy or snacks for me, but what I CAN do (and pretend it’s just as awesome as a Reese’s cup) is eat some healthy alternatives.

I’ve cultivated some options from Pinterest for all of us who want to be good will be able enjoy!

Healthy Halloween Snack Ideas


ONE: veggie tray ideas (just a bunch of vegetable choices — you don’t need a recipe for this!)

TWO: greek yogurt veggie dip

THREE: pro-yo

FOUR: balsamic roasted cauliflower




I get a lot of questions from people asking me what I eat all day long. While my answer is usually boring & typical (chicken, eggs whites, turkey, rice.. *yawn*), the one meal I absolutely know I light up about is my egg whites & oatmeal…. meal. I don’t combine the two foods (even though I know I can and it would probably make a yummy savory oat dish) because the oatmeal I get is my dessert of the day. If I’m not eating the plain quick oats version with a sweetener (I also add baking flavors to my cooked plain oatmeal — favorite flavors are: maple, almond, and banana) then I’m eating the BEST. KIND. OF. OATMEAL. EVER!!!!!! Let me introduce you to a company that makes me losing weight 120% possible and incredibly easy…

My Oatmeal Review

My Oatmeal Blend Recipe

My Oatmeal is so damn lovely that I eat my oats ever so slowly (and sometimes uncooked… uh it still tastes great, ok?), and when I’m done I’m incredibly sad. You could put a protein waffle in front of me and I’d still be sad about no more oatmeal for the day. Of course, I’d still be eating my protein waffle, but I’d do it with a frown.

So what’s so great about My Oatmeal? Well besides the fact they have oatmeal subscriptions and blends of the month (July’s flavor was a combo of white cake flavor, sugar cookie flavoring, with dried strawberries & blueberries), but you can also create any combination of taste with different dried fruit & nuts that you want. You can also add protein powder and a handful of different sweeteners.

Then of course theres the naming of your blend. I usually go for something like “Unicorn Feed” or “Magical Blow Your Mind AWESOME”.

Best Oatmeal EVER

Oatmeal Recipe

My current oatmeal blends (they’re all just flavors and added sweetener as I’m not allowed to add extra nuts or fruit on my meal plan):

  1. Mind Blown Apple Pie: Apple Pie, Maple and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
  2. Magical Cookie Dough: Raspberry Cream, Cookie Dough and White Chocolate

I think the next order needs to be all christmas cookies blend. Like gingerbread and rum! (Wait… that could be terrible — maybe gingerbread as one and almond sugar cookie as another. Sounds like an excellent plan to me!)

(oh, and you can order your oats in 3 different size bags and they’re so reasonably prices)